The Books

A Choice : Book 1 The Chosen Hybrid Series

Kyra Rumblen Count has always been told that great power comes great responsibility, with great responsibilities come great choices and great choices come with great consequences. Now that Kyra has turned 118 years old, she realizes that what she was told at a young age is true. She must make the right decisions or face the consequences that may come with them, one that may end in a blood-pouring situation. Follow Kyra as she meets new people, encounters old friends,.....

A Prophecy: Book 2 The Chosen Hybrid Series

The Chosen Hybrid Series A year has passed since Kyra Rumblen Count has defeated Siddiqis Starburn. She thinks that now, with a loving husband, she can live in peace. But with a bond tying her to her enemy, Kyra must find a way to break this link that keeps her from living her life. However, more problems arise, and Kyra is faced with more problems than before. In this second installment of the Chosen Hybrid Series, a new prophecy brings.....

A Destiny: Book 3

In this last installment of the Chosen Hybrid Series, the final battle is upon us. Alliances will be forged, boundaries will be crossed, and something dark threatens to snuff out the light for good.